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    Connecting HP OfficeJet Pro Printer wireless to print via HP Plug-in

    The HP OfficeJet Pro wireless printers are compatible to print through HP Plug-in services.

    • Visit Google Play store and download the HP print service Plug-in app.
    • In case of the Android devices, the OS needs to be 4.4 or later versions.
    • Now once the download is completed, install the app.
    • Few steps and app settings may vary with the devices according to its brand.
    • Open the app on the device and choose the Install options.
    • Turn on the plug-in from the device Home screen.
    • Navigate through the notification dashboard and select the HP INC SERVICE INSTALLED option.
    • Choose the ON button and update the app if required.
    • To upgrade, browse through to locate the SETTINGS menu àSelect MORE àMORE NETWORKS àMORE SETTINGS àNFC SHARING à select PRINT / PRINTING option.
    • For Android devices with OS platform 7.0 and later versions, the plug-in automatically turns ON after installation.

    You can print any file formats from your device using the HP Print service plug-in. Further printing via HP Plug-in follow the below instructions:

    • Choose and open the file that needs to be printed.
    • From SETTINGS Menu, select PRINT options.
    • Choose SELECT A PRINTER option near the PRINT PREVIEW SCREEN
    • Now select the printer from the available list.
    • Sometimes you may view the printer name twice.
    • First corresponds to the printer’s Wi-Fi network and the latter to its Wi-Fi DIRECT network.
    • Choose the appropriate printer and complete printing.

    There are few more alternative HP printer apps that enable easy wirelessly printing through HP printers and are compatible with multiple operating platforms.


    For furthermore, queries or assistance on connecting Visit @ HP OfficeJet Pro Printer

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